gb Carte Blanche 2K17

The most awaited festival..

You may have your own piece of mind but here you ought to follow Darwin's words. Because the world goes by the rule of Survival of the fittest. Don't bother tuning your body. Tune your bot as strong as your will to win. Get ready for the robo dangal.


The event mainly focuses on testing the strength of the robots. This event also tests your stability control, handling, and your techniques in competing with your opponent. The track will be revealed during the competition. The playing arena is a square smooth platform having walls around with a pit in the centre. A number of robots will be in the ring at the same time and the objective is to push other robots inside the pit. The robot standing last in the ring wins it.


Team can have maximum number of 4 members. Team members can be from different educational institutions. A team can play with only one robot. No one should touch the robot during the game doing so will lead to elimination. In case of wired robot, the wire should remain slack and lifted throughout the race. It should not disturb the arena or the participants. If so then the team will be disqualified. The robot should not Damage the field. Damaging/harming the arena may lead to disqualification.


The robot can have maximum dimensions of Length: 30 cm, Breadth: 30 cm, Height: 30 cm Maximum Weight: 6Kg. The robot can be controlled by wired/wireless. (Preferably wireless) If the robot is controlled wirelessly the robot must have a frequency remote control circuit which can avoid frequency interference with other teams. (Recommended to have 2 frequencies to avoid interference) The maximum potential difference between any two points should be 12 volts D.C. The maximum current rating of battery should be 5A. Robot must have power supply on board. Power supply for charging the battery will be provided.


The field will be a flat, square and rigid platform without any obstacle. The dimensions of which will be revealed on the spot. The pit into which the robots must push each other will be in the centre.


contact:Nanda Kumar A - 9597649175