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Robotics Events


Choices give you confusion. Confusion creates competition. We pose a confusion in front of you. Compete with the best and complete the way out of the confusion. Embrace confusion and embarass us or get ready to be embarrassed.


The objective of the bot is to solve a maze with Rectangular edges. Whenever the bot encounters the dead end, it should be able to retrace its path to the previous junction and proceed in the alternate paths. The bot will start at the start flag and it will be considered completed once it crosses the end flag.


A team can have a maximum number of 3 members. Team members can be from different educatonal institutions. A team can play with only one bot. The bot should not damage the field. Damaging/harming the arena may lead to disqualification.


The line to be traced (black line) is of 30mm in width. The track has several junctions and dead ends. The maximum dimensions of the base of the bot should be 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. Usually three touches and two skips are allowed. These numbers may change on the day of the event, depending upon the difficulty of the track.


contact:Vimalesh Kumar R - 9003104274; Aditya S – 9444980930