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Soccer is game of dilemmas. You get caught up in a fix among in or out, onside or offside, red or yellow and ofcourse the universal dilemma of messi or ronaldo. But here, better have a wise choice between black and white. Go black and score at will.


The soccer field is a rectangular field divided into two parts by the mid-line (shown). There will be 'n' T-junctions on either side of the mid-line. Balls will be placed on the T-junctions. The bot should start at the position near the base line. Dimensions of the field may vary from the model. The objective of the game is that, the bots must push the balls to the goal on the opposite. The balls may be hit in any order.


Team can have a maximum number of 3 members. Team members can be from different educational institutions. A team can play with only one bot. The bot should not damage the field. Damaging/harming the arena may lead to disqualification.


The bots should not cross the mid-line on trying to score points. The bots crossing the mid-line will be disqualified. The bots should strictly move on the line. Three touches on the bots will be given if the bot moves away from the line (or) beyond the mid-line.(after three touches, if bot moves out , it will be disqualified). Points will be reduced for each touch. Game will end after the mentioned time.


The maximum dimensions of the base of the bot should be 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. Robots must not use ready-made mechanisms, Lego kits, etc. However, ready-made sensors and microcontroller kits can be used.


The line to be traced (black line) is of 30mm in width. The balls will be placed at T-junctions near the mid-line while the bots will begin at one of the base line junctions. There will be no separate wall marking rectangles. The outermost lines must be considered as the end of field.


contact: Sabari Girisan R – 9791140854; Aditya S – 9444980930