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Robotics Events


Be it on the road off the road Bumps are risky. But bumps are fun. Take into mind not only the lumps but also the bumps when building your vehicle. Ride through the bumps and become the champ.


Construct your robot to survive against all ups and downs, stable hardships on its way to the destination. Build a manual off road robotic platform which can navigate a rough terrain and avoid natural & man-made obstacles in the shortest amount of time.


Team can have a maximum number of 4 members. Team members can be from different educational institutions. A team can play with only one robot. In case the robot moves out of the arena, the robot will be placed at the previous checkpoint. Touching the robot during the game will lead to negative points. Unfair game may lead to disqualification of the team. The robot should not damage the field. Damaging/harming the arena may lead to disqualification.


There will be two rounds - preliminary and final. The qualification for the final round will be based on the number of hardships crossed in a stipulated time limit. Do not panic, it will be a relative assessment among the participants.


The ROBOT can have a maximum dimension of 250 x 250 x 250(lxbxh) all in mm with a tolerance of 5%. The maximum potential difference between any two points should be 12 volts DC. Robot must have power supply on board. There will be no provision for external power supply. The maximum weight is 5kg. The robot can be controlled by wired/wireless mechanisms. If the robot is controlled by wireless mechanisms, the robot should have a frequency remote control circuit which can avoid frequency interference with other teams.


The track will be revealed during the competition. The track will consist of sand, gravel, ramp, grease, oil and a lot more.


contact: Prakash D - 98665088778