The most awaited festival..

Mech Stream Events


Are you a Mech Guru? Are Kinematics, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Thermo Dynamics etc part of your daily mantra? If yes, this is the place to test your skills!!

This is a team event of 3 members.
Round 1:
This is a written test consisting of 20 questions being attempted in 20 minutes and the shortlisted candidates will move to the following round.
Shortlist will be based on the total score of the team.
Round 2:
This is a lucky chit round where the leading team from round 1 will be given a chance first to pick a chit from a box and questions will be asked on that topic.
Each correct answer for a direct question secures 10 points and that for a passed question secures 5 points.
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