The most awaited festival..

In a tryst with discovery turbo,cars And much more juxtaposed together?? Well, its time you made the tryst public At The Auto Quiz where you'll be competing with your vrooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....dittos in the battle ! .


AUTO-QUIZ is the ultimate destination for those who love automobiles. It is a mind sport to check your spontaneity and interest in automobile and mechanical field.

The Quiz has two rounds.
Maximum number of participants per team: 1.
It is a preliminary written test.
Question sheets will be given to every team, participants should write or select (in case of MCQ) the answers in it.
Maximum time limit is 20 minutes. Selected teams will be priorly intimidated.
This round checks the spontaneity of the participants.
Winner will be decided based on the points scored by the teams in this round.
In case of tie, tie breaker question will be asked.
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