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Who We Are

Computer Society of MIT

The Computer Society of MIT - Anna University was founded in 1983 improving the knowledge of students in the field of computer science. Being the inter-disciplinary technical student body of MIT, CSMIT comprises of 9 departments and has been synonymous with bringing new, exciting and innovative ideas of the students to the forefront of our college community. Over the years, the society has evolved, from being just an organization for imparting knowledge, to an active participant in the evolution and promotion of Free Open Source Software (FOSS). The major event associated with this area is the conducting of the national level inter college free software festival Carte Blanche every year.

Industrial Knowledge

One of the motives of Carte Blanche is to provide technical knowledge to those who have an appetite for knowledge. Hence we welcome healthy collaboration with industries to impart knowledge


Carte Blanche is a platform with a plethora of opportunities. Participants get to learn, outclass and win accolades. It also gives the winners an opportunity to collaborate with leading tech industries.

Myriad of Events

Carte Blanche is not limited to only geeks but also for the burgeoning school kids. It offers the participants a platform to explore their skills and talent in various fields. In previous years, we had managements events, DRDO workshops, photography events and challenging CUBE contests.

Promoting Free Open Source Software

CSMIT is an organization promoting free open source software and over the years Carte Blanche has also turned out to be a platform for the same. This year’s Carte Blanche will feature more of the FOSS promoting events and meetups.

What we do

We take pride in what we do. CB is a platform to learn, a platform to excel and a platform to exhibit.

School Events

Toddlers get their turn here. CB '19 sets up platform for school students to showcase their talents in arts and literature.

Mech Events

Are you haunted by the desire to create, build and engineer tools? You can let it out.


Learning industry level skills from those in industries is a dream come true for many. Here is an opportunity for you in CB '19.

Algo Events

Anyone can code, but not everyone can think. Show us your logical skills and win accolades.

Cubing Events

Can you solve a rubik's cube within a blink of the eye? We challenge you to participate in our contest CBKO, conducted officially by World Cube Association.

Elex Events

Does designing and playing with circuits pique your interests? Then CB '19 is the right place for you.

Guest Lectures

Self learning can sometimes be exhaustive. In CB '19, there is a good chance for you to gain the best from the best people.


CB '19 provides you with an opportunity to express what you know and learn what you don't. Meet people with common interests and help expand your collective knowledge.


Glimpses of the Past

Rajam Hall

Carte Blanche '18 Inauguration

Carte Blanche Kube Open

Carte Blanche '17

Carte Blanche '17

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Carte Blanche '18

Inauguration Chief Guest and Dean

Carte Blanche '18

Inauguration Crowd

Carte Blanche '17

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