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Who wants not to be a wizard, cast spells, turn things to gold and be the god? It may sound like a fairytale yet possible with a drag and drop or a click and crop. Get into the shop that adds up to you rather that deprive you.

Only one member per team

Online poster competition-The participants should send a poster based on the given theme to the below mentioned mail id along with their name, college, contact number and a suitable caption. The posters will be posted on our Facebook page as soon as we receive your designs. The best posters will be selected. The selection will be primarily based on the decision taken by the group of judges and secondarily on the number of likes and shares on Facebook.

You can start sending your designs from 01/02/2017. The last date for sending your designs is 14/02/2017.
Mail id:

This will be an on-spot design competition. The candidates will be given a set of photos and will be asked to design a poster based on the given theme within the given time limit. Certificate and prizes will be awarded to the best designers based on the criteria decided by the judges.
NOTE: The participants will be provided a PC with Adobe Photoshop installed in it.

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