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Its art if can't be explained. Its fashion if no one asks for an explanation. It's design if it doesn't need explanation Do you know how cool is it to design a website? Wanna prove your expertise in Web design? Here is the opportunity for you! In web_design_event@carte blanche 14! Draw out your design templates, And shade it with HTML,CSS,PHP or .NET! Let your designs speak!

*Team of two members can participate.
*There will be three rounds for the event.
*Top 15 teams will be qualified for Round 2.
*From that Top 6 teams will be qualified for final round based on the highest scores obtained.
*Incase of tie,the team with maximum number of correct starred questions is considered.
*Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
Round 1:(Written)
*25 questions from basics in web designing
Round 2: (pratical)
*Requirements for a webpage will be given.
*Your team must create a webpage with the given requirements.marks will be awarded according to the creativity of your page.
*It will be time limited.
Round 3:(Final Round)
*Required html page will be given in the form of a printout .one has to debug the given code and make the page resemble the html page.
*incase of tie.. Quiz will be conducted to decide the winner.

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