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What if you are given a key to a room with no doors? What if you are given a solution with no questions? What if you are asked to code with no logic? The IF-s become a reality Thanks to CB'14! Geeks, tired of coding for questions? We understand your crave for unconventional events! And here is reverse coding for you! Why not try to code where you are just given only the executable file?

*Team of two or three members can participate.
*There will be three rounds for the event.
*Top 15 teams will be qualified for Round 2.
*From that Top 6 teams will be qualified for final round based on the highest scores obtained.
*Incase of tie,the team with maximum number of correct starred questions is considered.
*Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
Round 1:(Written)
*25 questions from C or Cpp
*Two programming questions (just algorithm is enough)
Round 2:
*Test cases will be given in the form of a set of inputs and their corresponding outputs.
*The participants are expected decipher the logic that connects the input to the output.
*There will be 15 questions and the 15 teams that answer one of the questions will advance to the next round. (Once a team has been selected for the final round, they will not be allowed to answer the remaining questions)
Round 3:(Final Round)
*This will be a coding round where each team will be provided with a system. *Executable files will be given and the participants will be expected to guess the logic and then code it in either C or CPP.
*The participants' code must satisfy all the test cases as the original executable programs provided.

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