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Are you waiting for a complete entertainer?? Are you a wit in puzzle solving?? You're in the right place!! Coding geeks..!!It's time for you to shut down your coding skill and test your intellectual in algorithms and problem/puzzle solving methodologies. This'll be jus' an amazing, thrilling experience filled with fun and enthusiasm. You need not code, compile or execute. But jus' use your wit to answer the questions posed to you..!! As stated earlier, INSCRIBD is a complete entertainer ,where there is: No Coding No Compiling No debugging Still, this stays to be a fun-filled journey..!!!! You've to cruise thru' 3 fun-filled rounds to reach your destination of victory...Have a great cruise ahead..!! BON VOYAGE!!!

*Team of two members can participate.
*There will be tworounds for the event.
*Top 10 teams will be qualified for Round 2.
*Incase of tie,the team with maximum number of correct starred questions is considered.
*Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
Round 1:(Written)
*25 questions from basics in Operating systems, networks, DBMS, Data structures & Algorithms
Round 2:(Written)
*questions involving programs from Operating systems, networks, DBMS, Data structures & Algorithms
*It will be time limited.

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