The most awaited festival..

Algo Stream Events


Exploring a world miles away from home, One of the greatest feelings ever known, You're there and back everywhere, All without having to leave your chair, We never steal nor do we commit murder, More advanced than you have ever seen, Tap into data and get a job done, The Legends call us Hackers, While others call us Crackers, We are all very smart, And have been since the start, This is a universal message to the entire fleet, We are at a higher level for we are the Elite


*Team of maximum two members can participate.
*There will be two rounds for the event.
*Top 10 teams will be qualified for Round 2.
*Incase of tie,the team with maximum number of correct starred questions is considered.
*Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
Round 1:(Written)
*25 questions from crytography and web security.
Round 2:

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