The most awaited festival..

Algo Stream Events


Techies..! Geeks..! Tech freaks... The much awaited nail biting occasion is activated. Get ready for the troubleshoot. Unravel the bugs, straighten out the loopholes, clean up the hitch , set right the lapse ,shape up your code to enrich and upgrade the features.

Fasten your belts to prepare for the take off of contest DEBUGGING in Carte Blanche.

There are no bounds for the thriving spirits that whoosh up.. Enroll.. Contest..Conquer..Excel...


*Individual or team of two members can participate.
*There will be two rounds for the event.
*Top 10 teams will be qualified for final round based on the highest scores obtained.
*Incase of tie,the team with maximum number of correct starred questions is considered.
*Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited.
Round 1:
*Debugging questions will be from c and c++.
* 15 multiple choice questions from c and c++.
*Given Piece of 5 incorrect code and description,t the contestants should debug that.
Round 2:
* Incorrect code and program statement will be given,the contestants must debug that,in such a way that it should satisfies all the test cases.

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